Crafts with ribbons around them. Day of the Dead skulls Some fancy women's hats Watercolor scene of two country homes. A candle and some succulents Multi-colored mugs

Application Form


The Talmadge Company will promote artists on the website with two options.

    Yes, link my website or email address. The cost is $25.00.
A hot link to your existing website or email address will allow people to contact you from our website.
  Yes, I would like to have an Artist’s Page on the Talmadge Art Show website. The cost is $75.00.
Your Artist’s Page will allow you to promote your art through a photo, description and contact information.

Professional Portfolio Photos.

   One hour with Photographer Alan Greenberg who will take professional digital images of your work for portfolio, marketing and advertising. One hour at the Talmadge office location. The cost is $50.00. Value of $125.

If you purchase one of these options, we will contact you to coordinate the details with you.

(for art show registration)
Credit Card (Pay Pal)       Check (your check must be mailed in order for registration to be valid)
  I accept the rules and regulations of the Talmadge Art Show (check the box)

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