Crafts with ribbons around them. Day of the Dead skulls Some fancy women's hats Watercolor scene of two country homes. A candle and some succulents Multi-colored mugs
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The Talmadge Art Show is an energetic environment for new, emerging, and accomplished artists to showcase and sell their works of art. Many of the artists in the Talmadge Art Show are exploring art to express their creativity, to develop a second career or to have fun with a new medium. The Talmadge Art Show provides a positive environment in which to nourish and grow. New artists learn to market and sell their work, moving from the creative process to the selling stage. It's an opportunity to join a group of artists who revel in the creative process.

The Show began in 1992 as a discussion between art collector Sharon Gorevitz and several artists who wanted to find a positive environment that included marketing and publicity, to sell their art. The first show with five artists was in Sharon's 1936 Talmadge Park home and within three years, with growth to more than 25 artists, moved to the Hillcrest area of San Diego to a bigger venue. The Talmadge Art Show is now produced at the NTC Promenade in a 7000 sq. ft. venue in the old NTC Library with over 70 artists.

Though the Talmadge Art Show is now held in Point Loma, the name Talmadge traces its roots from the Talmadge Park area of San Diego. It was there, in 1926, that the area's new housing development was named after the Talmadge sister's -silent screen movie stars- Norma, Natalie and Constance Talmadge.

The Talmadge Art Show is produced three times a year in the Winter in February, Spring in May, and in the Fall in November. It is a homegrown, quality handmade art show produced and showcased in San Diego. The Talmadge Art Show continues in San Diego County, but future plans include: growing the show to include more artists and a two day shows; possible shows in Orange County and Los Angeles; an e-commerce site, and a possible retail outlet.

Sharon Gorevitz produces the Talmadge Art Show and her husband Alan Greenberg, a photographer, joins her. The offices remain at the original Talmadge home.